Ching Chair No.2

Exploring implementation of design features

“Furniture is the kind of object which is close to people’s daily life. Compared with the experimental design of the Ching Chair, the ChingChair No.2 is more practical and has more market potential.”
This project aimed to retain the best features of the Ching Chair but focus more on the comfort and sitting experience. We intended to make the Ching Chair more friendly to people who use it as a reliable everyday furniture. In order to enhance the stability of the stool, we refined the design into a four-leg stool and from a close frame structure into a open structure. Moreover, the sitting area was greatly increased by the new shape of the bamboo. People can sit on Ching Chair No.2 at ease and enjoy the firm structure of bamboo.

Collaboration with Ta-Chih Lin, 
Craftsman - Jian Cheng Lin
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