Interactive Whiteboard Design for IPEVO

“The purpose of this project is to integrate the hardware and software into a magic wand. I studied the form and user experience in order to refine the interactive whiteboard system.”
I was in charge of developing the next model of an interactive whiteboard system, intended to transform the classroom screen or wall into an interactive whiteboard for teaching or presentations. There are three challenges to this project, the integration of software, power capacity, and upgraded specification for the short-throw projector.

In order to fully utilize the IW3, I integrated it with the IPEVO Annotator. The IPEVO Annotator is a software package which is equipped with versatile and powerful features to annotate and draw freely on the screen. To improve the power capacity, IW3 is equipped with a larger and heavier battery. Finally, I carefully studied the physical form of the interactive pen in order to achieve all of my design objectives.
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