Healthcare & Wellbeing Grand Challenge - RCA x CERN

"Eating healthy is not about restriction and perfection. We can treat ourselves without any guilty. It is all about making right choices."
Knowtrition is a preventive healthcare system designed for people who aim to maintain a well-balanced diet routine, in order to avert potential chronic diseases in the future. This consists of a scanner in a form of transformable bag made of bioplastic which is biodegradable; a skin patch that monitors nutrition data in the body and displays a real-time information of the food; and an app that calculates nutritional needs of the user based on food purchasing history and health data, as well as generating a personalised products suggestion.

Team members-
Anya Muangkote (Design Products)
Yi-Fan Hsieh (Innovation Design Engineering)
Agata Juszkiewicz (Service Design)
ZhiYi Zhang (Textiles)

CERN Mentor-
Yuri Ermoline
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