Hairstyling Product Customization

“There are plenty of choices in the commercial market. However, it is hard to find a product which is useful, thoughtful and friendly. In this case, I saw this market opportunity and started an exclusive business to address it.”
For this startup business, we started from an idea; customizing hair styling products. People frequently face the problem that it is hard to find the most suitable hair styling products in Taiwan. In this market, most of the hair products are imported which do not properly fit the local demand.

There are two reasons that hair styling products are not suitable for Taiwanese people, the humid conditions of Taiwan’s subtropical climate and the particular hair features of Asian People. Hence, we started a business that provides a service that helps people to match their hair styling products according to the their particular requirements and desires.

Business partners-
Anson Lee
Kai-Ming Yang
Ming-Hsuan Ho
Zax Ho
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