Yi Fan Hsieh

He is a Taiwanese industrial designer, was awarded his MA and MSc degree in Innovation Design Engineering 2020 at the Royal College of Art (RCA) and Imperial College London(IC). He specializes in the synthesis of technology and design solution to be applicable and appealing to the market. His practice embodies the simplicity, subtlety and practical solution from his unique view of the subjects.
From 2015 to 2017, after graduated his bachelor of industrial design from Tatung University in Taiwan, he joined IPEVO, an educational technology company which aim to provide interactive teaching tools to empower educators and teachers in the United States with simple, intuitive and flexible teaching techniques.
During IDE course from 2018 to 2020, his group project, Fallback, has been featured in Dezeen and Creative Application and has been honoured in the Core77 Design award of Student Notable for Design for Social Impact. In the Grand Challenge module set by CERN and RCA in 2019, his group, Knowtrition team, was the final winner in the category of Healthcare and Wellbeing. Also, he was one of the selected applicants for the Circular Economy Fellowship program 2018 holding by IDEO COLAB London. Previously, he worked for TG0, a London based startup developing future 3D interactive hardware products.
 “What will industrial designers be in this radical generation? ” 
As an industrial designer, he aims to deliver engaging tangible experiences that connect the physical and digital world.
He believes that bringing the technical and design aspects of knowledge together will be an essential core skill for the industrial designers to be a joint between diverse teamwork. Thus we have obligations to make those innovations happen, to give innovation genuine value and go beyond the current product forms and categories.
2018 - 2020
Royal College of Art / Imperial College London

MA / MSc, Double Master, Innovation Design Engineering

Tatung University, Taipei - Taiwan

Bachelor of Science, Industrial Design

Tatung University, Taipei - Taiwan

Media Design
Kilo Design
Design Assistant (Contract)
Kilo is a well-known industrial design consultancy based in Copenhagen. Main projects encompass concept visualization and production evaluation for startup companies.
2019.07- 2019.09
Design Engineer Intern
TG0 is a London based startup team behind a platform technology by building 3D interactive surfacing and future control products. I mainly coordinated a new B2C product project implementing TG0's technology including concept development and market research.
2015.10- 2017.04
Industrial Designer
IPEVO contributes innovative approaches to classroom technology for today’s American and European educational environment. I was mainly responsible for document camera and interactive whiteboard system through concept iteration and hands-on prototyping.
Fallback project
Featured on Creative Applications / Dezeen
Core77 Design Award
, Student Notable, Design for Social Impact Award

Grand Challenge, RCA & CERN, final winner in the "Health and wellbeing" group.

Ching Chair

Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2013 - Best of Best
YODEX Exhibition Tainan Creative Newcomers Award Finalist

Finger Contact

iF Concept Design Award 2012, top 100
Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2012, Best of Best

ECO Breath

Nissan the future Car Design competition Finalist.
Imperial College London, WIP Show

Fallback project exhibited in Imperial IDE Show.
Royal College of Art, WIP Show
Fallback project exhibited in RCA IDE Work In Progress Show.
Royal College of Art, WIP Show
Grand Challenge, RCA X CERN

Knowtrition, being selected as winner from the group, Health and wellbeing.

Royal College of Art, Across RCA
Circular Challenge X RNLI

Baywatch Outdoor Accessories, Inflatable Bottle

Taiwan Designers’ Week

Ching Chair No.2 on the show, “Going to the East”

YODEX Design Exhibition

Ching Chair on the graduation show
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